Do u know that d zebra sleeps standing . and do u know that d zebras have a unique  pattern, meaning that two or more than one zebra don’t have d same black and white pattern….

The eaglets peak is pale yellow,itz 4 feat tall and itz feathers re used to decorate caps or hats.

There is a desert in sokoto state, in dat desert ,there is sand wave DAT can blow people Away.

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Hi guys it’s been long I wrote,but I went to market again today after so many months  and it all came back to me… I’m scared of people around me, whenever I go to the supermarket I’m always afraid I look around as if I stole something ..I really don’t know y but my hearts  beats twice as fast as normal as if it would pop out of my chest.

I really font know what is wrong with me..I think I have this phobia for crowds and open places.

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Wealth is not everything

I haven’t been able to post for some days now that’s because I travelled to Enugu state here in Nigeria.I love travelling a lot .

When I entered Enugu I didn’t know what I’ll find but when I entered one of the village named ‘opi’ as I later found out,everything became interesting…. Not too long I saw a girl and I asked her about d mud house she just came out from and she said thus:

My father’s house is the oldest house in my town,opi in Enugu state,it is in a bad state right now (smiles).it is constantly flooded during the rainy season and bakes like hot oven in the dry season.

This house was built long before I was born(laughs loudly),in the Early 1970’s,as my father said.the house is a bungalow containing four rooms,a palour and a large corridorInspire of the cement plastering,the walls has cracks in several places(frowns).my father have tried to fill up these cracks with more mud and cement mixtures, but once the rain comes,water flows into the entire house and floods the entire rooms(sobs).apart from these,the zinc which is also old and rusted let’s it rain like a leaking sponge.whenever it rains,we will be running about placing buckets at the places the rain is pouring and sweeping away flood from the floor.

There is no end to our suffering even when the rainy season ends. This is because, once the dry season sets in,it seams as if the sun loves to rest on top of our roof.As soon as it is day,the heat begins to rise in intensity and we all begin to sweat like Christmas goats ready for the slaughter.

This one is the most inspiring side of what she said(fakes a smile).

Inspire of all these,there is still much love and happiness in our house.when me and my siblings sit round our mother,we would never wish to be anywhere else but our old mud bungalow.

I was moved to tears .. I tanked her for her. Emotional and inspiring story about her house and her happy family.

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No ordinary super powers

This family is just a normal,happy family on a normal vaccasion, their plane crashed into the amazon river. Now the Powell family must learn to deal with the super powers each of then had mysteriously acquired.

Mr Jimmy Powell discovers that his power is super strength, he is  so strong that his body is a bullet proof,when I mean his body I mean every part of his body.mrs stephnie Powell is as fast as flash(flash as in in the movies and cartoons),10 times faster ,she can cover like 3000 miles in few seconds.

16-year-old daphne Powell,she turns telepathic and hears other people’s hopes,dreams fears and joy, whether she cares or not. And 14-year-old J.J(jimmy junior),struggles constantly to satisfy his parents and teachers as he grapples with disability and bad grades. But he suddenly finds his mental ability strengthened to a super genius level as in he has super brain can solve anything solve able both beyond or above his age.

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I dreamt of being a mother of three,i.e when im done with school and get married.

I finished secondary  school about furthering my education to d university to study law but that didn’t happen, you know why? I became a single parent ( black mom) of a two months old angel(girl).

It isn’t easy but its fun. Its not easy in the aspect that I’m a students and a mom,In rhe middle of tje night she cries,I check for what’s wrong,i change her diapers,No,sand then I adjust it a bit,den I feed her for an hour and cuddle her, the stomach upset comes up…mothers u know that seeing your baby in pain makes u wish it was you and not your baby right?….yes because I feel it.

So she can’t sleep …I play with her so she dosent feel lonely. The thing is I do it all alone… Father,missing after action (MAA).
Its fun in the aspect that  I wake up in the morning and the person I see is is that cute face staring at me,there is nothing more sweet than that to me,or that face she wears when she tries  to get up from her bed with that tiny cute morn,that is fun, its also fun when she opens her mouth to laugh and its only gum and no teeth….God I can imagine that.

Motherhood is the most interesting,hard yet fun, joyful part in a woman’s life, because no Mather how your baby came into this world,whether he/she has a father or not you will always strive hard to see your kids happy.

Mothers hope I’m right? Yes,because I’m a mom now.

So u might be thinking why I didn’t consider a baby sitter, don’t worry about that, I’ll tell u on my next post.

Any mom on earth should never be taken for granted nomather what they di ,in fact mother always be proud of yrself…with or without men.

No offence men in the building. Don’t get me wrong.